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Da'Ron Safety Stuff


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This is just the shit that works best for me.

Fenix HT30R.jpg

 Light Saber BzzZzZzZZzzzZz

Perfect for spotting and pointing out malarkey.  Need to see future? the hotspot contains mysterious science 

Astro Galaxy Projector.jpg

Galaxy Light

Need a little more visuals for your safety meetings?

Insta360 1 rs one 1inch.jpg

Insta360 ONE RS 1"

I use this camera more for low-light/night conditions.  

DJI OM6_edited.jpg

TDLA Gimbal

DJI OM 6 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer, 3-Axis Phone Gimbal, Built-In Extension Rod, Portable and Foldable, Android and iPhone Gimbal with ShotGuides

bubble gun.jpg

Bubble Glizzy

definitely not as much stopping power as a glock-19, but even better. 100% legal, no background check

Sofirn SP31 v2.png

EDC Light

TDLA soft-ambient light EveryDayCarry ultra-compact.  This is what I use to light up murals or when low light conditions are NECESSARY 

Anker Battery Bank.jpg


This is a large power bank.  Works great, lasts a long time.  Solar charges slow but if you're surviving out there, that's a must.


Billy finder 1000

Since the Retina Anhilator 5k is no longer available, this BF1000 is currently in testing for TDLA

Insta360 x3.jpg

Insta360 X3

The 360 Camera that I've been using to get all my 'Dangerous Acts' shots.  Amazing quality videos

Insta360 selfie stick_edited.jpg

Insta360 Selfie Stick

This stick is used in most of my onewheel 360 videos.  Works great and pull out game is strong


Uniden SDS100
scanner/trunk tracker

PORTABLE: True I/Q Digital Handheld Scanner. game changer for Tour De LA


HandHeld Solar Flare

This monster shaft brings the day to night.  Lights up the hills have eyes and science centers

JBL flip 5.png


This compact but GIRTHY power-horse provides the tunes for tours.  Fits perfect in the water bottle pouch of most backpacks and purses.  Battery life, sound, size... it's all here

Gerber Hunting multitool_edited.jpg

TDLA Multi-Tool

Gerber Multi-Tool used for what ever a multi-tool is used for.  Always finding ways for it to help me out or save my ass in some way

Soffirn C8L.jpg

TDLA Retina Burner 3000. 

Compact but ready to brighten shit up. 3000 Lumens packed in a compact torch

Mini pro 3.jpg

DJI Mini Pro 3

This is the drone I've been playing around with. Chose this one for vertical (portrait mode) content.  

Insta360 selfie stick tripod.jpg

Insta360 Selfie Stick w/ tripod

I've been using this stick to setup certain situations.  Built in tripod makes things easier, but i like the length on the other one better

SDS 200.jpg

Uniden SDS200
scanner/trunk tracker

BASE STATION: True I/Q Digital Handheld Scanner. game changer for Tour De LA

Sofirn Q8Pro.jpg


This short-shaft delight is new to the team, but so far this thing has been bringing day to night.  Great for luminating absolutely f'n everything

Halo Knock off.jpg

Halo Light KO

Knock Off version of the Halo light.  The legit Halo Giga light can be found at

Battery Charger.png

TDLA Battery Charger

Battery charger for all the TDLA flashlights.  Stay Lit!

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